Why Is My Cat Licking My Other Cats Bum?

 Cats are known for licking other cats’ bums. This behavior is often seen in playful cats and can be entertaining for others. 

Some people find it cute, while others think it’s gross. But regardless of what you think, it’s an interesting behavior and one that can get you some funny looks from your friends.

Why is my cat licking my other cats bum?

When one of your cats starts licking the other cat’s bum, it might be time to look closer. There might be something going on with that cat that’s causing them to start licking others’ butts in an unwanted way. 

It could be a reflex or just something that they’re enjoying. If you’re unsure what’s happening, you can try petting each of your cats and seeing if they start licking others’ butts again. If they do, you may need to take a closer look at what might be happening. 

Cats can lick other cats’ bums for many reasons, including:

  • To show their affection
  • To mark their territory
  • To communicate with others
  • To show dominance over the other cat
  • To relieve boredom
  • To relieve stress
  • To clean their face
  • To relieve themselves
  • To try and attract mates
  • To clean their face
  • Feeling stressed
  • Lonely
  • Seeking attention from the other cat

Cats are creatures of habit and will continue to do what they have been doing for years, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. 

If you have multiple cats and one of them starts licking the other cat’s bum, it’s best to get him/her separated from the others so that everyone can figure out what’s happening.

To show their affection

Cats often see the act of licking the other cat’s bum as affectionate. This is because licking is a natural way for cats to show their love and care for one another. This seems to be especially true when the cats are excited or feeling happy. 

Some believe this behavior is a form of consolation for the licking itself, while others think it might show respect or admiration for the other cat’s physical features.

To mark their territory

One reason a cat may lick another cat’s bum is that the cats believe it to be their territory or to mark their territory as theirs. 

Cats like to show who’s boss, and licking the bum of another cat is a way of doing that, whether it’s because they’re trying to tell their friends that this cat is the only one allowed in their territory or just feeling margaritas with their new friend.

For similar reasons, cats will also lick other animals, such as dogs and horses.

To communicate with others

If you have a cat who seems to love licking the butts of other cats, it may be because they’re trying to communicate with them. 

When two cats are close, they tend to lick each other’s bum. It seems like a harmless gesture at first, but the behavior can serve as a communication signal to other cats that the two animals are friendly and want to interact.

In some cases, licking may even lead to physical contact between the cats.

To show dominance over the other cat

When one cat starts licking the other cat’s bum, it shows dominance over that cat. Cats will also start licking their own bodies if they feel like they are being subordinated. Licking someone else’s butt is a way of demonstrating dominance to them.

To relieve boredom

Many cats enjoy licking their other cats’ butts in an attempt to relieve boredom. This is because licking helps to release the tension built up in the cat’s body since they were young. 

Licking can also help improve moods and provide physical and emotional relief.

To relieve stress

When a cat licking another cat’s bum feels stressed, it can relieve the pressure. The licking action of a cat against its own skin releases endorphins, which are hormones that make the cats feel happy and relaxed. 

Licking also stimulates the senses of smell and taste, making it an effective way to soothe a stressed animal.

To clean their face

Cats lick other cats’ bums to remove any dirt, dust and other particles on their skin. This is often done when the cats are feeling dirty and uncomfortable. 

Licking another cat’s bum also helps reduce the risk of getting fleas or ticks.

To attract mates

Many cats enjoy licking the bum of other cats to attract mates. This behavior is thought to be because it brings attention to the cat and makes them feel good. 

The feeling of being licked is often euphoric for some cats and can lead to them seeking out others to socialize with. Some believe that this activity also stimulates sexual urges in the cat.


Loneliness is a common problem in cats and can be difficult to overcome. One reason cats may become lonely is that they live in pairs or groups, and when one of the cats is away from the others, they feel left out. 

Sometimes, this loneliness can lead to a cat licking another cat’s bum because the cat feels neglected.

Seeking attention from the other cat

One reason a cat might lick the other cat’s bum is that the cats seek attention from each other. 

Cats can learn to appreciate the attention they are getting from others by licking their bums to show that they are happy and content.

The different ways cats lick other cat’s bum

The Different Ways Cats Lick Other Cats Bum

Every cat has their way of licking other cats’ bums. Some cats use their tongue to lick and feel the inside, while others use their front claws to scratch. 

But the most popular way for cats to lick each other’s bum is through licking. Here are some of the different ways that cats lick each other’s bum:

  1. Licking with their tongue. Cats use their tongues to lick others’ bums. They will also flick it over or around to get a better flavor.
  2. Licking with their teeth. Cats use their teeth to lick others’ bums. They will also use their sharp incisors to cut through the skin and taste the inside of the cat’s bum.
  3. Licking with their claws. Cats use their front claws and back claws to lick others’ bums.

Do all cats lick other cats’ bums?

Some people believe that all cats lick each other’s butts. This seems to be a common practice among the animals in the house. 

However, it is not always true, and there are some cases where cats do not lick their neighbor’s butts at all. There are many reasons why this might be the case, but one of the main reasons is that they do not like to share space with others.

The risks of licking other cat’s bum

Now, if you’re thinking about having a cat that likes to lick other cats’ bottoms, be aware of some risks. First and foremost, your cat may end up getting sick from the saliva. 

Licking another cat can also cause them to catch lice, which is another risk. 

Also, it can lead to minor scratches or cuts if the behavior continues for an extended period of time. Yet, if this habit continues unabated, your cat may be allergic to those kittens’ bum odors.

What to do when your cat licks another cat’s bum

What to Do When Your Cat Licks Another Cats Bum

Cats can be very curious and love exploring their surroundings, but sometimes they lick other cats’ bums. This is normal behavior, and it’s not anything to be concerned about, especially if your cat is just trying to get attention. 

However, if this behavior continues or becomes more common, you may want to take action. Here are some tips to help keep your cat safe and happy:

The first is to ask them what they’re doing and make sure you’re not being scolded. If your cat is just trying to get some attention, giving them a pet or rewarding them might help. 

If the licking is becoming more regular or severe, then it may be time to take your cat to a veterinarian for a check-up.


Cats licking other cats’ bums can be a sign of estrus and may be trying to attract attention. If your cat is licking this behavior actively, it might be a sign that he is interested in mating

Whichever reason it may be, it is best to keep an eye on your cat and make sure that they are not licking someone else’s butt in public!

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