Why Do Cats Make Noises When They Jump? (Answered!)

The cat’s jump is a series of coordinated movements that allow them to spring into the air with great speed. The cat’s jump can be used for many purposes, such as catching prey or escaping danger. 

Cats exhibit a variety of behaviors when they jump, including making noises. Cats make noises when they jump, including meowing, hissing, purring, and growling.

Why do cats make noises when they jump?

Cats make noises when they jump because their muscles produce a sound when they extend and contract. This is because the air in the lungs is forced through smaller and smaller holes as the cat jumps, amplifying the sound.

But there are many other theories why cats make these kinds of noises when they jump.

It helps them to orient themselves in the air

Cats make sounds when they jump to help orient themselves in the air. 

These noises are known as “meows.” Meows help cats judge their distances from the ground and obstacles and give them an idea of how high they are in the air.

They are trying to communicate with their owners

Cats are known for their purring and meowing, but many people don’t understand that these animals also make noises when jumping or running. 

These noises serve as a form of communication with their owners, letting them know that everything is okay and that the cat is in a hurry to get back to them. 

Some of the sounds cats make when jumping are called “feline vocalizations,” which can vary depending on the cat’s mood or environment. 

For example, a happy kitty might hiss or meow while jumping, while a frightened cat might yelp or whinny.

It may be a way of communicating with other cats

Cats make noises when they jump because it may be a way of communicating with other cats. 

Many of these noises are specific to certain situations, such as when the cat expresses anger or excitement. Some believe the noises warn other cats, indicating where they should watch out for danger.

It may be a form of exercise

Jumping is a vigorous activity that can help to keep cats healthy and strong. Cats make a variety of noises when they jump, including mews, yowls, hisses, and purrs. Some experts believe that these noises are actually forms of exercise for cats.

It may be an attempt to scare prey or predators

When cats jump, they make noise to scare prey or predators. The noise they make can vary depending on the size and weight of the cat but typically includes a meow, a hiss, or a screech. 

It is thought that the noises may be an attempt to startle their prey or predator, causing them to miss the cat and allowing the cat to escape unharmed.

It may help other cats locate the cat in case it falls off a high place

When a cat jumps, it may make a noise to help other cats locate the cat in case it falls off a high place. 

The noise may vary depending on the cat type, but generally, cats make noises when they jump to communicate their location and intentions to other cats.

They are just playing

One thing that cats do to pass the time is making noises when they jump. Cats are naturally playful and love to play, so when they jump, they are just playing. 

Some people think that the noises cats make when they jump are meant as a form of communication, but this is not always the case. Some cats simply enjoy making those noises, and it’s something that they enjoy doing.

The different types of noises cats make when they jump

It’s no secret that cats love to jump. Whether they’re taking a quick escape when they feel threatened or simply testing their agility, cats are masters of the pounce. 

But what do they sound like when they leap? Here are some of the most common noises cats make when jumping: purring, meowing, hissing, spitting, yowling, growling, and chirping.

  • Purring is the most common noise cats make when they jump, and it is usually a sign of contentment.
  • Meowing is another common noise cats make when they jump, and it can either be a request for something or an expression of happiness.
  • Hissing is usually a warning sound made by cats when angry or threatened.
  • Spitting is another way some cats express their anger and can be very startling to see.
  • Yowling is often used to communicate between mother cats and their kittens and can indicate fear or distress.
  • Growling is often used as an intimidation tactic by predators such as dogs and lions and can be very frightening to hear.
  • Chirping is the sound cats make when they jump and is usually heard when the cat is landing softly.

Some more excitable or shy cats tend to make louder noises than those who are more laid-back or independent.

What to do when cats make noises when they jump

Cats are known for their uncanny ability to jump high, but sometimes when they do this, they make a noise. Sometimes this noise is just a little meow, but other times it can be more like a yowl or hiss. What should you do if your cat makes this noise when he jumps? 

If your cat makes noise when jumping, you can do a few things to help them. 

  • The most common response is to just ignore it. 
  • If the noise is loud and persistent, you can try holding the cat down and putting him in a room where he can’t jump as high or get an anti-jumping toy. 
  • If the noise is mild, then you may not need to take any action at all.
  • If the noise is constant and occurs when they jump or land from a height, it may indicate a medical problem. If this is the case, your cat must see a veterinarian. 
  • If the noise is sporadic and only occurs when they’re excited or scared (for example, when someone comes to the door), try training them not to make that noise in that particular situation. 
  • If the noise is annoying and doesn’t seem to have an underlying cause, you can try putting up some sound barriers in their room or using a squirt toy that emits an irritating sound when playing near their bedding area.


Cats make noises when they jump because they are trying to communicate with their owners. Some of the noises cats make include meowing, purring, and hissing. If a cat feels threatened or scared, they may also make a high-pitched squeal. 

It is important to keep in mind that not all noises a cat makes are meant to be communicated with humans. Sometimes cats just enjoy making noise!

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