Why Do Cats Like Beards So Much?

When your cat sees you with a beard, they are absolutely thrilled. Their reaction is something that you will never forget. 

Cats are known for their independent nature, so when they see that you have decided to grow a beard, it only reinforces their impression of being in charge. Cats enjoy having their owner beards so much that sometimes they will even purr and knead against your chest!

Why do cats like beards?

There are many reasons cats like beards, but the most common is that they feel secure and safe when enclosed within the beard.

This is because the beards on other cats create an enclosed space where the cat can hide from potential dangers. In addition, the bristles on a beard help to rake away any potential predators trying to get to the cat.

Some possible reasons why cats like beards, here are some of those reasons:

The beard may provide them with a sense of warmth

Cats are known to be very selective regarding their human companions, often choosing those with similar personalities and characteristics. 

This may be why they gravitate towards people with beards – they feel safe and secure around someone who looks like them, and the beard may give them a sense of warmth.

Cats enjoy the smell of beard

When a cat rubs their chin against someone’s beard, they get an olfactory reminder of the person most important to them. 

This behavior likely evolved as a way for cats to keep their owners close by and to be able to sense when their owner is in danger. 

Cats also tend to groom themselves more when they are around people with beards, possibly because they associate the scent of a beard with food or water.

Cats find bearded owners more trustworthy and familiar

Since cats are predatory animals, they instinctively prefer to associate with people who look like prey. 

Humans with beards are generally considered to be more trustworthy than those without, and this is because facial hair camouflages our features, making it harder for cats to identify us as a potential threat. 

Also, many cats find beards comforting due to their similarity in fur type and warmth.

Cats like the way they feel when they rub against a beard

Many pet cats like to rub against their owner’s beards, perhaps because they feel a sense of security that comes with the beard. 

In addition, the whiskers on a cat’s face can provide information about their surroundings, so rubbing against a beard may help the cat focus and stay aware of its surroundings. 

Owners with beards often find that their cats prefer to rub against them, often purring or nosing around until they get close enough to lick or nibble on the beard.

A sign of dominance

Cats seem to enjoy having their owner’s beard. It’s a sign of dominance, and they seem to like the feeling of being close to someone who can provide protection. When a cat sees its owner with a beard, it knows that the owner is in charge and can protect them, and they’re more likely to feel secure and safe.

A sign of affection

Cats groom each other for pleasure, and rubbing against someone with a beard may feel nice because the hair is coarse and bristly. 

Additionally, some believe that a well-groomed beard may help keep the catnip smell concentrated, making the kitty happy.

The beard provides a scratching post for the cat

Cats have been shown to like their owner’s beards because they provide them with a scratching post. The hairs on the beard provide a variety of textures and surfaces to scratch, which is something that cats apparently find satisfying. 

Owners can also use this opportunity to give their cats attention and strokes along the back, providing them with comfort and security.

The beard provides a comfortable place for the cat to rest its chin

Most cats seem to love their owner’s beards. They will often nap or rest their chin on the owner’s beard, which seems to provide a comfortable place for them. 

This behavior is likely related to beards providing a comfortable place for the cat to rest its chin. The whiskers on a cat’s face are quite sensitive, and they can get scratched or irritated easily if they rest their chin on something sharp. 

Beards also protect against dirt and grime from the cat’s eyes, which can cause irritation or blindness.

Are all cats attracted to beards?

There are many myths surrounding cats and their attraction to people with beards. While it’s true that some cats do seem to be drawn to their owner’s facial hair, the truth is that not all cats find beards attractive.

Cats have evolved as solitary predators, so they are attracted to smells and movements that indicate potential prey. 

Beards contain many oils and sweat, which can excite and odorize a cat. This might explain why some cats seem to prefer owners with facial hair – it’s like they’re getting a free hunt! 

However, not all cats take advantage of this opportunity – some may just wander around aimlessly while their owner has a full beard.

Why do some people believe that their cat loves their beard?

Many people believe their cat loves their beard because of how the feline reacts to it. When a person begins to grow a beard, many cats become interested in investigating what is new and exciting. 

Some cats will even rub against the beard or even climb up onto the person’s head to get a better look. Purring or other signs of contentment usually accompany this behavior. 

It seems as though, for some cats, the beard is simply another form of play, and they enjoy interacting with their human companions in this way.

The benefits of having a beard as a cat owner

There are many benefits to growing a beard as a cat owner.

  • It can provide your feline friend with some much-needed warmth and security when outdoors in colder climates.
  • A well-groomed beard signals to other cats that the owner is strong and healthy. This can help deter potential predators from attacking or bothering the cat.
  • A beard makes you look powerful and manly, which may make your cat feel more secure around you. While some people may find beards unattractive, most cats seem to appreciate them!
  • Having facial hair help keep your skin healthy since it traps dirt and oil particles away from the skin’s surface.
  • A beard also helps keep your skin healthy and free from bad bacteria.


Cats seem to like owner beards because they are soft, warm, and provide a safe place to hide. Owners can keep their beards trimmed short or go full-blown wild and furry, but either way, the feline friend seems to appreciate the attention. 

Perhaps all the whiskers that catch the breeze or that owner’s beards are usually free of hairballs. Of course, there could also just be something about how a beard smells that cats find irresistible.

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