How to Stop Cat From Jumping on TV: 6 Easy Tips !

Some people may find it adorable when their cat jumps up on the TV or other large object. For others, seeing a furry feline leaping onto the screen can be quite alarming. Unfortunately, this behavior can lead to injury or even death for some unlucky kitties.

Causes of a cat jumping on the television

Many people wonder why their cat jumps up on the television or computer screen while watching TV or using the computer. There are many possible causes for this behavior. Here are some of the possible causes:

Looking for attention

Looking for attention can sometimes result in cats jumping on the television or other electronic devices. 

Cats are opportunists, meaning they will take advantage of any situation that presents itself. This usually includes climbing things to get a better view or getting close to humans to receive attention.


cats are naturally curious and adventurous creatures that enjoy exploring their surroundings. This can lead to them jumping onto screens or furniture if they feel restless or bored. 

While this behavior may seem alarming initially, it’s usually harmless and can be enjoyable for you and your feline friend.

Feeling insecure

Many cats have a natural curiosity and love exploring their surroundings. This can include jumping up on tables, counters, and even the TV for some cats. This activity is often seen as a play, but ,it may be a sign of insecurity for some cats. 

The fear or anxiety the cat is experiencing is being expressed through this behavior. Some veterinarians believe that when a cat jumps on something, they say, “I’m not sure how to handle this situation,” or “I need help.”

This behavior can be corrected with patience and training. If your cat does this kind of thing frequently, try to find out why they feel insecure in that particular situation and work to fix it.

Trying to get a better view

When you’re watching your favorite show, and a cat jumps onto the television, it’s probably not just because they’re curious. 

Cats have an instinct to try to get a better view of what’s happening onscreen. And while some people find this behavior cute, others find it annoying.


If your cat jumps up on the television or other furniture to get your attention, they may exhibit anxiety. Anxiety is a condition that can affect any animal, but it’s particularly common in cats. 

You can do a few things to help ease their anxiety and make their life a bit more comfortable.

  • Try to provide them with plenty of toys and playtime to keep them busy.
  • Try to keep their environment calm and quiet – too much noise or activity can create anxiety in cats.
  • If you notice that your cat is displaying signs of anxiety frequently, please talk to your veterinarian about possible treatment options.


Stimulation is key when it comes to cats. If they’re not getting enough of the energy they need from their surroundings, they’ll turn to activities that provide that stimulation. 

One of those activities can be jumping on the television or computer screen. Cats love the action and intensity of these screens, and it’s a great way to get their fix without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Marking behavior

Many people know cats often mark their territory by urinating or depositing feces on objects. However, did you know that some cats also jump up on the television when they’re marking their territory? This behavior is called “marking posturing.” 

A cat will crouch and raise its entire body off the ground, making itself look big and powerful. This behavior is meant to say, “I am here, and I’m in charge.” 

The purpose of this behavior isn’t completely clear, but it may help to establish dominance over other animals or humans in the cat’s area.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to keep your cat safe by preventing them from jumping up on the television. If you can’t find an obvious cause and your cat still jumps onto the TV frequently, it might be time to take him or her to the vet for a check-up.

How to stop cat from jumping on TV

Cat owners know that their furry friends can be playful and sometimes mischievous, but one habit many cats have is jumping up on the TV. While some people may find this cute and cuddly, others may find it annoying. 

So how do you stop your cat from jumping on the TV? There are a few things that you can do to discourage your cat from jumping onto the television:

Put a screen protector on the screen

One way to stop a cat from jumping up on the TV is to put a screen protector on the screen. This will keep the cat from being able to see what’s on TV, which may discourage them from trying it again.

Put some barrier

One way to stop your cat from jumping on the TV is by putting some sort of barrier in between them. 

This could be something as simple as a piece of wire mesh or a piece of cardboard cut to fit the width of the television screen. You could also use a decorative curtain or wall hanging instead.

Give some toys

Give your cat some toys they can play with outside the television area. This will help keep them entertained and prevent them from jumping on the TV.

Use noise-makers

Another way to discourage a cat from jumping on the TV is to use noise-makers or lasers that emit different noises when activated. This will make it difficult for the cat to understand what’s happening and hopefully discourage them from doing it again.

Train your cat using positive reinforcement techniques

When your cat does something good such as sit or stay, give them a treat or toy to play with as a reward. This will help encourage them to behave in similar ways around the television.

Get a cage

Many cats like to watch TV. However, if your cat enjoys jumping on the tube, you may need to get her a cage. A wire mesh or plastic cage with a top will keep her from leaping up and onto the screen. 

You can also place an object across the cage’s opening so she can’t jump out. 

If your cat is destructive or jumps excessively, you may need to get her spayed or neutered. This will help control her behavior and reduce the temptation for her to climb onto things.


It is important to keep your cat entertained and content. If they constantly jump on the TV, find ways to keep them active and engaged. This could mean playing with them, giving them a new toy, or setting up a play area in your home. 

Also, always keep a close eye on your cat and be prepared to stop any behavior that seems abnormal or dangerous.

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