Do Cats Have Eyelashes? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Eyelashes have many functions for their owners, but many cat parents doubt whether there are eyelashes in cats. Some believe cats do not have eyelashes because they shed their hair regularly, while others think the long, thin hairs on a cat’s upper lip might be mistaken for lashes.

Do cats have eyelashes?

Yes, cats do have eyelashes. This is something that many people may not know because they are not typically visible. When cats groom themselves, they often remove hairs on their upper eyelashes. This is why these lashes are usually not visible unless you look for them specifically. 

However, when cats blink, their eyelashes will move and can be seen clearly.

Kittens have very short eyelashes that they lose as they grow older. Adult cats usually have long, fluffy eyelashes that can be a different color than their fur. 

Some breeds of cats, such as Siamese and Oriental cats, may have longer eyelashes than some humans. Many domesticated cats also possess lashings, although they may be shorter than some breeds.

Are there any benefits to having eyelashes in a cat?

Eyelashes are one of the most important features on a cat’s face. They help to keep moisture in the eye, keep dust and other particles out, and protect the eyes from sunlight. In addition, they give cats a more alluring appearance. Here are some of the benefits of having eyelashes in a cat:

  • Eyelashes help to keep moisture in the eye, which is important for healthy vision.
  • Eyelashes keep dust and other particles out of the eye, which benefits your cat’s respiratory system.
  • Eyelashes protect your cat’s eyes from sunlight, which can cause blindness.
  • Eyelashes make your cat look more alluring, making it easier to attract prey or mates.
  • Long eyelashes may provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your feline friend. If you decide to keep your cat with eyelashes, be sure to clip or remove them periodically, so they do not become tangled or matted.

Are all cats born with long eyelashes?

Every cat is different and has its unique features. However, some cats do have long eyelashes. You might not think about this at first, but it is true. It is mostly the Persians that have long eyelashes. 

Other cats, like the Siamese, will also have long lashes, but they are generally shorter than the Persians.

The reason why some cats have long eyelashes and others don’t is still unknown. Some people believe it has something to do with how well their eyesight is. 

Others say that it may result from genetics or even a lifestyle choice that some cats make. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that all cats are different and have unique features.

What factors influence the length of a cat’s eyelashes?

Eyelashes are an important part of a cat’s appearance and function. They protect the eyes from the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other debris. The length of a cat’s eyelashes depends on several factors, including the cat’s genetic makeup and environment. 

Some cats have longer eyelashes because their genes determine how much hair they produce on their bodies. Other factors that influence the length of a cat’s eyelashes include diet, grooming, and environmental conditions.

How can you determine if your cat has long eyelashes?

Looking at your cat’s eyes can be a great way to determine if their lashes are long. You can look for obvious signs such as long, thin lashes surrounding bright eyes or use a more subtle method. 

One way to check is to place a finger over the top of the cat’s forehead and then move the finger down towards their nose. If the eyelashes on the lower side of the eye are longer than those on top, your cat probably has long lashes.

What happens if your cat loses their eyelashes?

Eyelashes are an important part of a cat’s appearance. If they lose their lashes, it can dramatically change the way they look. In some cases, the eyelashes may be so sparse that the cat appears almost naked without them.

Eyelashes can also get lost from various causes, including illness, stress, or injury. If the eyelashes are lost suddenly, there is a good chance that the cat may experience discomfort and difficulty shedding its coat.

There are several ways to treat a cat with sparse or lost eyelashes. Some owners opt to shave off the hair around the eyes to stimulate new growth of lashes. 

Others use special products that contain ingredients that promote lash growth. However, most cats will eventually go through a natural shed cycle and regrow their own lashes.

Do domestic cats groom their lashes?

Domestic cats routinely groom their eyelashes, which is likely why they have such attractive eyes. The grooming process starts with the cat rubbing its face against something soft and hairy, such as a pillow or carpet. 

This action stimulates the hair on its face and scalp and causes it to stand up in ridges. From there, the cat gently pulls out the individual hairs that have been pulled tight by the fibers on the face hairs. Yet, it licks each lash clean. 

Grooming keeps a cat’s fur clean and healthy, helps distribute oils throughout the body, and keeps its eyes properly lubricated.


Cats do have eyelashes, just like humans. They are used to keep the eyes clean and protected. 

So next time you’re wondering if your cat is rubbing its eyes, just give them a good scratch underneath their chin and watch as their eyelashes flick back into place. Maybe they’re just tired from all that rubbing.

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