Cat Poops on Floor When Angry: Why & How to Stop It?

When a cat is angry, it’s not just that they might hiss or scratch you; they may also do strange things like defecate all over the place. Yes, when a cat is mad, they may even drop their business right where they’re standing.

Causes of anger in cats

Anger is a common emotion in cats but can also be a sign of illness or stress. Here are some of the causes of anger in cats:

  • Psychological factors, such as feeling neglected or misunderstood.
  • Physical factors, such as being sick or having a difficult day.
  • Environmental factors, such as being around other cats who are behaving aggressively.
  • Metabolic factors, such as low blood sugar levels.
  • Neurologic factors, such as changes in brain chemistry, lead to anger.

The behavior of cats when angry

When a cat becomes angry, it will generally exhibit several signs. The cat will hiss and growl, may hack and spit, and may even attack with claws or teeth. 

Sometimes, a cat may even be pooping in unexpected places – such as on the floor or in a plant.

While such behavior is not always easy to handle, it’s important to remember that cats are animals just like us. They also can be motivated by similar emotions as humans – love, anger, jealousy, etc. 

Understanding your cat’s behavior and responding accordingly can help ensure a positive relationship between you both.

Why do cat poops when they’re angry?

Anger is a common trigger for cats to go to the litter box. When angry, cats may lose control of their bowels and defecate. This behavior is not always intentional – sometimes, a cat will feel overwhelmed and need to relieve itself. 

In some cases, a cat may express anger through feces.

Why do cat poops on the floor when angry?

When a cat is angry, they might mistake their litter box as a safe place to relieve themselves. This could be because they feel threatened or agitated when in the litter box area. 

Cats might also mistake other areas of the house for the litter box when feeling angry. In these cases, it’s important to help your cat calm down and return to their usual routine as soon as possible.

What to do when your cat poops on floor when angry

When your cat is angry and poops on the floor, you can do a few things to help ease their anger and hopefully prevent future accidents.

First, try to figure out what caused the anger in your cat. Was there something your cat saw or heard that made them angry? 

If so, try to avoid provoking them again by avoiding that thing or doing something that makes them feel threatened.

Second, make sure you’re cleaning up after your cat. Cleaning up after them will show them that you’re taking care of them and will help reduce their anger. 

Finally, be patient with your cat. The best way to help them calm down is for you to calm down too!

How to prevent your cat from pooping when angry

When your cat is angry, they may be inclined to poop to release their anger. There are a few tips you can follow to help prevent this from happening:

  • Make sure the area you’re living in is clean and odor-free – This will help calm your cat down and make them less likely to poop.
  • Keep your cat entertained. Try playing with them, giving them a toy to play with, or setting up a scratching post for them. If they’re not occupied, they may be more likely to poo in the litter box out of frustration.
  • Avoid provoking your cat – If you get angry with your cat, try to avoid doing or saying anything that might make them feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  • Make sure their food and water dishes are full. When cats feel hungry or thirsty, they’re more likely to act out and poop. Ensure their dish is always clean so they don’t have an incentive not to use the litter box.
  • Try training your cat using positive reinforcement – rewarding them when they go outside the litter box and do not pee or poop on the floor.

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