70+ Fabulous Cat Names That Start With V!

Some people choose cat names that start with v for various reasons. One reason may be because they like the sound of the name. 

Another reason may be because it is a unique name, and they want their cat to stand out from others. Still, another reason may be that the name starts with a letter often associated with happiness or love. 

Whatever the reason, choosing a cat name that starts with v can be fun and rewarding!

Best cat names that start with the letter “v”

Looking for a unique and interesting cat name that starts with the letter “v”? Check out our list of unique cat names that start with v! 

Whether you’re looking for a quirky pet name or something to call your feline friend during game night, these picks are sure to please. Vixen, Vegas, Velma, Vincent, the possibilities are endless. 

Let your imagination run wild, and pick the perfect moniker for your favorite kitty! Here are 71 best cat names that start with v you can choose for your feline friend:

  1. Vacation. Vacation sounds like a fun and adventurous name. It also has a cool and exotic flavor that will please your feline friend!
  2. Valen. It’s a gender-neutral name derived from the Latin word for “victory.” Valen is also a popular name for British Shorthair cats. So if you’re looking for an unusual but stylish cat name, Valen might be a perfect choice.
  3. Valentina. This is one of the cutest and most unique cat names that start with V. Valentina means “gift from God” in Italian. This name would be perfect for a kitty who always brings joy to her owner’s life!
  4. Valentine. Valentine is romantic and sweet. This name is perfect for cats who love being loved and cuddled. It will make your cat feel special and appreciated, making him or her happy. Valentine has a unique meaning that is special to some people. Not only does it sound cute and cuddly, but it also has a historical significance that you may find interesting. If you’re into romantic things, choosing a name like this might be the perfect choice for your cat.
  5. Valhalla. Valhalla is a Nordic word meaning “place of the slain.” This naming choice makes your cat seem strong and heroic, which many cats admire. It has a sound that is sophisticated and majestic. Your cat will be the envy of all its friends when it goes by its full name of Valhalla.
  6. Valiant. Valiant is a great cat name because it is unique and boldly descriptive. It is perfect for a brave and determined cat, like the superhero Valiant himself. The name also has a strong Old English flavor, which can appeal to some kitty lovers.
  7. Valiantine. Valiantine is a famous cat name because it is unique and pronounceable. It also strongly connects to Valentine’s Day, celebrated annually on Feb. 14.
  8. Valiente. Valiente is Spanish for “bold,” and this name perfectly sums up the spirit of a fearless and determined cat. Plus, it has a regal feel that will make your cat feel like a queen or king.
  9. Valkyrie. It can be interpreted as a feminine form of “warrior” or as a goddess who leads the dead to Valhalla. Valkyrie is also a common name for female Scandinavian gods and goddesses. This makes it an ideal choice for your cat since it has multiple meanings that will appeal to them.
  10. Valor. Valor is a strong, confident name that perfectly reflects your cat’s personality. It has an illustrious history and is associated with heroism and courage. Valor is gender-neutral and unisex, making it perfect for all cats – no matter their personality or appearance.
  11. Vampire. Vampires are often associated with vampirism and being dark and creepy, which is perfect for a cat!
  12. Vandal. Vandals are unique and intriguing names for cats. They come with a sense of adventure and creativity, perfect for cats who love to play and explore. Additionally, they have a unique sound that will make your feline friend easily identifiable.
  13. Vanguard. This name is derived from the Latin word “vanguardia,” which means “the first in line.” This makes Vanguard a fitting name for a cat who is always ready to take on new challenges. It also reflects the feline’s independent nature and a strong sense of self-preservation.
  14. Vanya. If you’re looking for a name that will reflect your cat’s playful side, Vanya may be the perfect fit!
  15. Varuna. Varuna is a Sanskrit word meaning “the all-pervading one.” This name is perfect for cats who want to be accepted and admired by all.
  16. Vaughan. It is a classic name that will never go out of style. Vaughan has a strong and bold sound which is perfect for an active cat.
  17. Vauxhall. Vauxhall is a well-known brand name in the UK. This means that your cat will be easily recognized and respected by others. It’s pronounced similar to “Valhalla,” another popular British cat name. This means it will fit well with most cats’ names and won’t clash with other animals or objects in your home.
  18. Vega. the name is Spanish for “the eagle.” Eagles are revered throughout the world for their majestic flight and fierce hunting abilities. This name encapsulates all those qualities and makes a perfect choice for a powerful feline friend.
  19. Vegas. the name implies that this feline friend is wild and unpredictable. And it’s unique and memorable- just what you’re looking for in a cat name!
  20. If you’re looking for a unique and special cat name, consider giving your kitty a name like Vein! Vein. Vein means “the lifeblood of the earth,” which is fitting for a feline friend! Plus, it sounds cute and adorable when you say it out loud!
  21. Vella. Vella is a feminine name, and many women love cats. And it is an easy name to spell and pronounce.
  22. Velma. Velma is a unique name that stands out. Not only does it have a fun and playful sound to it, but it also has an edge. This makes it perfect for cats who like to be independent and have their own thing going on. And if you’re looking for a memorable cat name that will always make people smile, then Velma is a perfect choice!
  23. Velouria. Velouria is Spanish for “shadow” and is therefore fitting for a cat with such an elusive personality. It has a sweet sound that will soothe your feline friend while also being whimsical and unique. Velouria is also associated with love and beauty, making it ideal for a kitty who demands your attention but doesn’t quite fit into any other category.
  24. Vendetta. Vendetta is derived from the Italian word vendetta, which means “to revenge.” This name is perfect for cats who are determined and have strong personalities. It can also symbolize the fierceness of a cat’s claws and teeth when attacking its prey.
  25. Venice. Venice is a captivating city with an interesting history. It’s perfect for cat names that have a bit of mystery to them.
  26. Venom. It sounds strong and dangerous, which could be perfect for some cats!
  27. Venus. Venus is the planet of love and seduction. It is also considered the goddess of beauty, so your feline friend will know you are considerate, kind, and attentive.
  28. Vera. Vera is a feminine name that doesn’t typically conjure up images of fierce animals. This makes it a great choice for cats who want to be loved, not feared. Additionally, Vera is the Latvian word for “spring.” This might make your feline friend feel like she’s always in the springtime, making her happy and healthy.
  29. Verona. Verona is Italian for “spring” and is reminiscent of nature in all its glory. It also sounds delicate and sweet, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pet that won’t dominate your home or make too much noise. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Shakespeare reference?
  30. Vertigo. Vertigo is a name that can be unique and stylish. It has an edge that seems to fit well with cats. Vertigo also has a few other meanings, like “dizziness” or “a feeling of being off balance.” Because of these meanings, Vertigo may be the perfect name for a cat with an individual personality.
  31. Verve. This unique name has a vintage feel, and it’s sure to be a hit with your cat! Plus, it has a nice ring – perfect for those looking for something special.
  32. Vervette. Vervette is a unique and whimsical name for cats. It is derived from the African word vervet, meaning “a type of small monkey.” Vervette is a cute, playful name that will appeal to your feline friend’s playful personality. Additionally, this name has a unique sound that will add character to your kitty’s moniker.
  33. Vespa. Vespa is a fun and playful name that your cat will love. Also, Vespa is Italian, meaning “scooter,” which provides another layer of connection to your feline friend.
  34. Vesper. Vesper is associated with luxury and class, making it the perfect choice for a feline ruler of your home.
  35. Vesta. Vesta is a strong and independent name that will represent the strength and power of your cat. It’s also the name of the first woman in history who was considered a mathematician and astronomer, so it speaks to intelligence and brilliance. And, because this name is Latin-based, it has a wide range of pronunciations that will fit perfectly with your kitty’s unique dialects and accents.
  36. Vetivert. Vetivert is a popular cat name because it has a strong, earthy smell. It is also the name of a type of grass that is often used to make perfume and other scents.
  37. Vicarage. Vicarage is a great choice for cat names because it has a classic and traditional sound. It also has a bit of an edge, making it unique and special.
  38. Viceroy. Viceroy is a regal name that sounds impressive. It’s unique so it won’t be easily confused with other cats in your home or neighborhood.
  39. Victor. Victor is strong and powerful, making it a perfect choice for a kitty who likes to be in charge. Additionally, Victor has a bit of mystery to it which can make it an ideal name for a cat who wants to be kept on its toes.
  40. Victoria. It is unique and has a royal feel to it. It also has a few different spellings to fit any name preference. Additionally, Victoria is an easy name to remember and pronounce.
  41. Victorine. Victorine is an interesting and unique name. There are not many other cats with this name, so your cat will stand out from the crowd. Victorine is a sweet and loving name that will make your cat feel special. Also, Victorine is easy to spell and pronounce, making it a good choice for both beginners and experienced cat owners.
  42. Victory. Victory is a strong name that will inspire your cat to be brave and determined. It’s also unique and one that you won’t find very often on the market. This makes it an exciting option for your pet! Plus, it has a positive meaning – indicating that Victory is finally within reach. This can encourage your cat to try new things and achieve its goals.
  43. Viking. This name is not only unique but also has historical significance. Viking cats are known for their bold personalities and fierce hunting skills. Therefore, naming your cat after this brave and powerful figure would perfectly reflect this quality in your feline friend.
  44. Viktor. The popularity of Viktor as a cat name is no secret. The name has a strong, masculine sound that is perfect for cats who want to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, Viktor is unique enough that it can be used as a one-of-a-kind name.
  45. Villa. Villa is a popular cat name because it has a distinct and regal sound. It also has a history behind it that lends credence to its popularity. Villa is the Italian word for “visitor,” which aptly describes the function of cats in our lives – they are visitors from beyond who come to brighten up our days. Villa also has an aristocratic ring to it, lending itself well to those who seek out names with a certain sophistication.
  46. Vinnie. It is both unique and descriptive. It can be used for both male and female cats, so everyone in your family can have one!
  47. Vinny. Vinny is a unique name for a cat, and it can be given to any cat breed. It has Italian origins and means “little victory.” Vinny is perfect for a daring or adventurous cat that wants its way but also wants to have someone there to support it. Vinny is also the perfect name for a playful cat who likes to explore its surroundings.
  48. Viola. Some people find the name fitting because it is a soft and gentle-sounding name, while others find the name stylish and chic. Additionally, Viola is a relatively rare name for cats so it could be an interesting choice for those looking for something unique.
  49. Violet. Violet is associated with hope and optimism, which makes it a fitting name for a pet that brings joy into your life. The hue violet stimulates creativity and imagination in people, making it perfect for a feline friend you want to encourage to use her faculties in fun and exciting ways.
  50. Violetta. Violetta is a beautiful name for a cat, and it has Italian origins. The meaning of Violetta is “violet,” and this is a lovely name for a feline friend.
  51. Violette. Violette means “little violet” in French, and this name would be perfect for your feline friend who has bright eyes and a lovely complexion. Violette is another great choice for a kitty with a sweet personality.
  52. Viper. Some may find the name aesthetically pleasing, as it is often associated with fiery, dangerous animals. Others may derive satisfaction from knowing that their feline friend is capable of bringing harm to those who cross them.
  53. Vipera. Vipera is the perfect name for a cat because it starts with the letter “v.” This unique name is sure to capture your feline friend’s attention. It also has a sleek and deadly sound, making it an ideal choice for a powerful pet. Vipera is also the Latin word for “viper,” which gives your cat added intrigue and mystique.
  54. Virgo. Virgo is a feminine name, meaning it will appeal to more women than men.
  55. Virtuoso. Virtuoso is Latin for “skilled performer.” This makes for a great cat name because your feline friend will be able to show off their skills in all areas of life! Plus, it has a certain aristocratic air that will make your cat stand out from the pack.
  56. Vista. Vista is a sleek and sexy cat name that will make your feline friend stand out from the rest. The name is perfect for a sultry-eyed feline or one with a naughty streak. Plus, it sounds sophisticated and royal. Vista is the right choice if you’re looking for an attention-grabbing name that will set your cat apart.
  57. Vivacious. Vivacious is the perfect name for a playful, active cat. It’s also unique and different, making it stand out from other cats in your neighborhood. Plus, it has a fun sound that your cat will love hearing.
  58. Vivi. Vivi may represent strength, power, and ferocity, making her the perfect name for a fearless feline. She may also be associated with the Roman goddess of Victory, which could be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pet that will bring you success in your endeavors.
  59. Vivian. It has an elegant, graceful sound, making it perfect for a feline with both elegance and spirit. Vivian also has a few other clever qualities: firstly, it is the name of one of the most popular female singers in history. Secondly, it is a variation of Violet, meaning “the color of the morning sky.” Lastly, it is derived from the French word for “victory” (vive), which ties in nicely with its intended purpose as a pet’s namesake – to bring joy and triumph into their lives. Plus, Vivian just sounds so darn sweet!
  60. Vivienne. Vivienne is French for “violet” and is a name that is both classical and modern. It has a soft sound that cats love and respond well to. It’s stylish yet classic, making it a good choice if you want something unique but don’t want to stand out too much.
  61. Vixen. Vixen is derived from the Latin word vixen, which means “to run quickly.” This name perfectly reflects the speed and athleticism of cats. Plus, it’s just plain catchy! If you’re looking for a unique and exciting cat name, Vixen is sure to fit the bill.
  62. Vixenia. Vixenia is a name that is sure to make your cat feel special. The name has a strong and regal sound, which will be perfect for a feline who wants to be treated like royalty.
  63. Vixenlet. This name is perfect for cats who are independent and feisty. It’s also a good choice if your cat is intelligent and has a quick wit. Plus, this name sounds stylish and mysterious. So why not give it a try?
  64. Vogue. Vogue is known for being fashionable and trendsetting. It’s a name that will likely be appreciated by your feline friend, who will look stylish and elegant while supporting your love of fashion. It has a regal ring – perfect for a royal or aristocratic cat!
  65. Volcanic. Volcanoes are powerful natural formations that can be found all over the world. They are often associated with fire and disaster, but these dangerous features make them such great names for cats! Not only do they sound cute and cuddly, but they also show off your kitty’s intelligence and creative side. If your cat loves being active and unpredictable, choose a name like Volcano or Active Volcano!
  66. Volcanus. Volcanus is a unique name for a cat because not many other cats have this name. It is Latin for the volcano, which is fitting because this cat’s personality reflects that of an active volcano.
  67. Voltaire. Voltaire is a French writer famous for his satirical works, such as “Candide” and “Philosophical Dictionary.” He has also been cited as an inspiration for some United States Founding Fathers. Some people believe that naming a cat after Voltaire will inspire them to be more critical and analytical thinkers.
  68. Voodoo. t has a bit of an ethnic flair to it, which can add some character to your feline friend. Also, voodoo cats are often very mysterious and spiritual creatures, making them perfect candidates for magical cats.
  69. Vox. This name has a modern sound and can be used in any language. It also has an interesting meaning which could be fun to learn about your kitty. Plus, it’s short and easy to say, making it perfect for everyday use.
  70. Voyager. It’s romantic and inspiring – perfect for anyone who wants to give their cat a prestigious title. Also, It embodies strength, courage, and determination – the perfect name for any fearless feline!
  71. Vulcan. The name Vulcan represents strength and power in cats, partly due to the deity’s association with fire. This name can also symbolize intelligence, determination, and being protective and loyal.

How to find the perfect V name for your feline friend

Looking for a unique and perfect cat name that starts with v? Here are five tips to help you find the perfect name for your feline friend!

  1. Look through a list of popular cat names that start with v, such as Vixen, Vegas, Velma, Victory, and Viper.
  2. Consider using a nickname or family nickname as your cat’s new name. This will make it easier to remember and make your kitty feel special.
  3. Think about what makes your cat special and unique. Is he or she playful and fun-loving? Or does he or she have an attractive personality trait? Use this information to create a name that reflects this aspect of your cat’s personality.
  4. Remember that cats are creatures of habit, so consider what names your cat usually responds well to (or ignores). For example, your cat may respond to the name “Kitty” or “Meow,” but not to the name “Mongo.”
  5. Familiarize yourself with the meaning of cat names similar to the one you are considering.

Final thought

Many great cat names start with v. Some of our favorites include Valiant, Vixen, Viper, and Varina. These are some great options to consider if you’re looking for a unique name for your feline friend.

So, what is your favorite v name for your lovely cat?

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