What You Should Do if Your Cat Ate Rubber Band

Many cats enjoy playing with rubber bands, which can be a lot of fun for them. Unfortunately, some cats develop an unhealthy habit of eating the bands, leading to health problems.

What led to the cat eating the rubber band?

There are many possible causes of cats eating rubber bands, but some of the most common include curiosity, boredom, stress, anxiety, and hunger.


One most possible cause of a cat eating a rubber band is curiosity. Cats are natural predators, and if they’re not provided with appropriate prey options, they may turn to whatever is available. 

Rubber bands can be a suitable substitute for other prey items, such as birds or small rodents.


Cats are naturally active and playful creatures, but if they’re left alone too much, they may start to get bored. This can lead to them chewing on things (including rubber bands) to relieve their boredom.


Stress is another common cause of cats eating rubber bands. When a cat is stressed, they may become more anxious and aggressive. This can lead to them becoming over eaters or even hoarders as they try to find ways to calm down. 

In some cases, a cat may eat objects to concentrate on something else or relieve their stress.


Anxiety can cause cats to eat things that are not normally eaten, such as rubber bands. Cats may become anxious when they feel threatened or insecure. This can lead to a variety of behaviors, including eating habits.


Another possibility is that the cats are scavenging for food. Rubber bands make great prey because they are soft and have no teeth or claws. 

If left unchecked, this behavior could lead to the cat becoming overweight or developing health problems from eating too much soft food.

The health risks of rubber bands for cat

Rubber bands are a common household item but can also be dangerous for cats. If your cat loves to play with rubber bands, be aware of their health risks.

  • Rubber bands can cause cuts and abrasions on the skin and stitches in delicate areas if caught on fur or claws.
  • Cats can get entangled in the band and suffer from strangulation or asphyxiation. In addition, if the band is swallowed, it can block the intestines and lead to death.
  • When cats chew on rubber bands, they can get stuck in their teeth and can choke. Rubber bands can also cause cuts and abrasions when they are chewed on.
  • Rubber bands can damage the hair follicles on a cat’s skin, leading to balding or other hair loss.

What could happen if your cat ate a rubber band?

If your cat ate a rubber band, there is a small chance that the band could become lodged in their intestine. If this happens, the rubber band can cause severe constipation and even block the flow of intestinal gas. 

Cats can also become seriously ill if they eat large amounts of rubber bands. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the object from their intestines.

What to do if your cat ate rubber band?

If your cat ate a rubber band, you could do a few things to help resolve the situation. First, try to determine where the rubber band came from. 

If you don’t know where it came from, you may need to take your cat to the veterinarian for an examination.

If you know where it came from, remove any other objects that could be dangerous if ingested and wait until your cat has had a chance to vomit or have diarrhea before trying to remove the rubber band.

If your cat is not having any adverse effects and seems otherwise unhurt, try gently squeezing the band out of its mouth using dental floss or thread. 

If this doesn’t work, you may need to take your cat to a veterinarian for assistance.

How to prevent your cat from eating rubber band

Rubber band eaten by cats is a common problem and one that can be difficult to prevent. Here are some tips to help keep your cat from eating rubber bands:

  • Keep rubber bands out of reach of your cat. If they can get a rubber band, they may try to eat it.
  • If you accidentally leave a rubber band, put it away quickly so your cat won’t get it. If your cat does manage to get a hold of a rubber band, take it away as quickly as possible and provide another toy instead.
  • Dispose of old rubber bands properly. Don’t leave them lying around where your cat could find them – put them in the trash or a recycling bin where they can’t get to them.
  • Make sure they have something else to play with besides rubber bands. Provide them with toys that can be played with using their mouths, such as plush toys and balls. 
  • If you notice that your cat is eating a lot of rubber bands, it may be because they are bored and looking for something to do. Try providing them with more interactive toys, such as hide-and-seek games or tossing a ball around. Here some cat interactive toys you can condiser four your feline:
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Knowing that a cat eating a rubber band can be dangerous is important. If your cat is interested in chewing on or eating something unusual, take steps to determine if it is safe for them to ingest. If it is not, seek veterinary attention immediately.

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